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Sovereign Health

As highlighted in the introductory section, Generation Health Medical Fund is administered by Medscheme Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, T/A Sovereign Health; a member of the Medscheme Group.
The Medscheme Group is a specialized health risk management and administration company providing service to more than 3 million beneficiaries across 6 countries in Southern Africa. The company has developed specialized IT systems which underpin our service offering, and in select cases the systems have been licensed to third parties.

Service offerings include:

  • Third Party Administration
  • Health Risk Management
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Healthcare IT Solutions

For more information visit www.sovhealth.co.zw

Steward Bank

For more information visit www.stewardbank.co.zw

Rapha Clinics & Networks

Generation Health has entered into a partnership with Rapha Clinics, a networks of doctors around Zimbabwe.

Members have access to this network and are guaranteed of no co-payments.

View Rapha Clinics




Rapha Clinic (Chisipite) *GP SERVICES

10 Triscombe Road




General Practitioners

Email: admin@raphaclinic.net

Tel: 086 44 131 464

Cell: 0737 803 977


Rapha Clinic (Joina City)

Office 206, 2nd Floor Joina City Harare


General Practitioners, Radiology

Email: raphatown@raphaclinic.net

Tel: 04-774431

Cell: 0737 399 924


Chinotimba Medical Centre 24HR *

5020 Chinotimba Township

Victoria Falls



Emergency Services, Maternity,

Out Patient Services, Radiology

Email: chinosmedical@yahoo.com

Tel: 013 43144

Cell: 0712 597 513


For more information visit www.raphaclinic.net/

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