COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

August 13, 2021


Covid-19 & Treatment

One should get tested as soon as they suspect symptoms of Covid 19 so that they get appropriate health care. It is important to be calm when one notices signs and symptoms.

To prevent being infected, one should use hand sanitizers after touching any objects, wearing of face masks in public domains, practise good hygiene and maintain physical and social distancing.

Treatment methods for Covid vary with the level of infection. Doctors will prescribe medication according to the condition. Also, it is encouraged to take more vitamins as they help fight the virus.

Everyone has a risk of developing illness. However elderly people and those with underlying (chronic) conditions are more likely to develop serious illness.

Both covid-19 and common cold are caused by a virus. Covid 19 symptoms appear between 2-14 days after exposure to the virus whilst common cold symptoms appear between 1-3 days after exposure.



No. One should be vaccinated when they have fully recovered form Covid-19.

The number of doses varies with vaccine Brand name. The most common vaccine requires 2 doses to be fully vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is a personal choice, one can receive a vaccine I f they are pregnant. However, it is recommended to have a discussion with a healthcare provider regarding the types of vaccines available.


General Questions

Covid 19 survives on various surfaces including plastic, stainless steel (72 hours), copper (4 hours) and cardboard (24 hours). Covid is an airborne disease- which is the reason masking up is highly recommended.

People with these underlying conditions are more likely do develop serious illness from Corona virus.

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