Generation Health Partners ZMCA for Health Cover

December 6, 2022

Mary Chitando & Bishop Christopher Choto

Generation Health Medical Aid Fund has joined hands with Zimbabwe Christian Ministers Association (ZCMA), in a partnership that will see members from the ZIMCA access various medical aid packages as well as wellness programs.

By Patricia Mashiri

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Mary Chitando, Generation Health, Head Sales and Marketing said morbidity knows no boundaries hence there is need for a medical aid package that is tailor-made to cater for the needs of minsters of the word of God as well as their congregants.

As we embark on this journey, we understand that the Pastor is responsible for the spiritual wellness of congregates but also wellness is important as it takes care of the spiritual, the body and the soul. We understand that in the recent times the church has been facing mental health issues where and sometimes people end up committing suicide.

“We want to work with the church to equip the ministers to be able to deal with these situations in the church  and be able to help their congregates through our wellness programs we will be rolling out. However, it starts with the Ministers themselves.  If they are fully equipped and mentally healthy to be able to assist the congregation the wellness of the nation at large will be taken care of,” she said.

Chitando added that there was need for everyone to get medical aid assistance regardless of one’s background.

“Our Medical aid card is accepted everywhere by all service providers. We feel that at this juncture in our lives, everyone should be able to afford medical aid and get treatment so we have taken that variable into consideration when we came up with the product that is suitable for the church.”

Congregates who wish to join Generation Health medical aid cover will also be assisted through this partnership.

Meanwhile, Bishop Christopher Choto, the President and Chief Executive Officer, ZCMA said they were excited for partnering with the Generation Health for health cover.

“As a board, we touch more on the welfare of ministers and the church. Some of the programs we have been doing for the ministers include wellness programs where we work towards their physical, emotional and physical wellbeing, therefore working with Generation Health, we hope to embark on different wellness programs.”

“We would want to administer on the welfare not just of ministers but of congregates as well. For a long time, we have been looking for a service provider among many providers who can tailor make services for our members and their congregates because we view this as very important,” Bishop Choto said.

He added that by investing in health, one is guaranteed of peace of mind.

“This is one of the things we want to see our ministers having and their congregates also.  We are working with a reputable organisation with a good track record, their product is accepted everywhere and we know our people are going to have the best services. All our members who are affiliated with the ZCMA have got an obligation with their church boards to ensure that their pastor is covered.”