Mimosa Mine Battle of the Bulge 1st Edition

September 14, 2021

The first edition of the 2021 Battle of the Bulge competition was held from the 4th of January to the 30th of June. Since the inception of this important program on the Medical Services calendar in 2015, the number of participants this year was the highest. Generation Health partnered Mimosa in sponsoring the prizes for this program.

Weight loss has become an integral part of the wellness strategy to prevent Non- Communicable diseases and their complications thereafter. With the advent of COVID-19 exercising and weight loss has proven to be integral interventions to help in alleviating the severity of the disease. A total of 164 people participated in this edition of the competition. These included employees, contractors and dependents with the biggest loser shedding off 21.6kgs of body weight. A total number of 4 people lost 20kgs and above which was quite commendable.

Generation Health donated the bulk of the prizes that were given to the participants. They availed the first three prizes which were a Trojan T1400 treadmill, a Trojan TR500 treadmill, and a Silverback Delight off road bicycle. They also donated prizes for positions 18 to 164 which came as an assortment of exercise mats, yoga balls, Trojan fitness starter pack, torso sliders and electronic jump rope. The rest of the prizes were procured by Mimosa through its employee wellness budget.  All the participants received a prize for participating in this edition of the battle of the bulge.

The uptake and interest from employees and contractors for this competition instigated the Medical Services Department to hold this program bi-annually so that we have some continuity and to inculcate a lifestyle exercising amongst the employees.