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A&ERs are specifically for accidents and emergencies. Generation Health is not obliged to honour claims for non-emergency treatment.

There are different scenarios:
I. If your doctor is not on our network of providers, please advise us so we engage him and sign him up
II. If your doctor does not accept any medical aid, please pay cash and we will refund you.
III. If there are other problems, please advise us same.

You have 90 days from the date you saw your service provider to submit a claim. Thereafter the claim becomes unpayable. The claim will be paid within 30 working days from submission date.

To track the progress of your claims, you can call Tel +263 4 793 389 | Fax +263 4 790 700 | Econet Tollfree: 080 80135 | 24-hour CDMA numbers +263 4 2901 302 ; 2901 303 or email callcentre@sovhealth.co.zw

The Service provider list is available to view and print on our website (www.generationhealth.co.zw). A soft copy of the Service provider list can also be sent to you on email.

Generation Health covers each procedure according to the tariff payable on your plan as well as benefits available.

Once hospitalisation has been confirmed, at least 48hrs before for planned procedures, please come in to our call centre for authorisation.

In an emergency, go straight to hospital. Your next of kin or the hospital must advise us as soon as possible of your admission.

Benefits are not transferrable. Each member is entitled to their own benefit.


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