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Waiting periods for corporates

Corporates joining Generation Health Medical Fund may be subject to waiting periods as detailed below. Waiver of waiting periods is at the discretion of the Fund Administrator. Waiting periods cannot be paid off.

All members joining the Fund will be subject to a six (6) month waiting period for optical benefits, this also applies where waiting periods have been waived.

Benefit Waiting period
GP Consultations
Acute medication
3 months
Chronic medication,
Funeral Grant,
Travel Insurance,
Laboratory tests & x-rays,
Dental services,
Specialist treatment,
Spectacles and contact lenses,
Planned or elective surgery,
Non-emergency hospitalisation,
Palliative care,
CAT scans, MRI scans, Bone Densitometry Scans and Nuclear Medicine, Special appliances – e.g. nebulisers, glucometers, hearing aids, and ostomy bags.
6 months
Maternity benefits 9 months
Anti-Retroviral Therapy Programme,
Internal prosthesis and surgery involving the use of internal prosthesis.
12 months
Treatment of cancer,
24 months